Company Cheques

You need protection in this fraud-fraught world!

custom company cheques printingWe offer Security Features, a combination of effective and cost efficient protective measures that will help keep you covered. And, they’re on every cheque you order! In addition we offer our Supreme Security Cheques incorporate features to provide a high level of protection against fraudulent activity! All Supreme Security features are listed on the back of our custom cheques!

Our Custom Cheques are CPA 100% compliant.

Microprinting-Tiny type in border on front will fill in when scanned or photocopied. Fibres & Security Ink-Coloured fibres on front are visible only under black light. Security Screen-“ORIGINAL DOCUMENT” text & weave pattern visible on back.

company cheques printing servicesLineMark Paper-Patented fibre disruption process. Chemical Protection-Special chemical indicators in the paper appear as stains if exposed to common ink solvents. TonerFuse Coating-Anchors dry toner images to resist alteration.

HOLOGRAM-Multicolour reflective marker fused to each cheque

Our custom and company cheques support: Simply Accounting, ACCPAC Plus, ACCPAC for Windows, BMDL, Business Vision, DacEasy V6,9,10, Dynacom, Great Plain, Lonewolf,  PC Voyage, Quicken, Quicken XG, Quickbooks, Quickbooks Pro.


We also offer both regular and Supreme Security in a manual company cheque too!